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It is not unusual for a beginner singer to present a cabaret show. Many students who feel ready to do a show have had experience singing at an early age. They may have sung at family functions, weddings, parties, school shows, pageants, etc., and are used to performing for audiences. They are interested in doing a show that features themselves and includes all their talents, like playing an instrument, comedy, dance etc. Sometimes another person may be included to share the time on stage. I have taught many students how to realize a cabaret show.

Here are some of the ideas that one has to think about before you are ready to do your show.

  •  The act or the theme of your show. (As you get more experience you might want to hire a professional writer and director to do this.)
  •  What songs you would like to sing, and how much time it takes to sing each song.
  •  Will you have instrumentalists, or just a pianist play your music?
  •  Will you be using props and/or other equipment?
  •  What will you wear, does it interfere with your choreography?
  •  How much money can you expect to earn?
  •  Will agents and reviewers come to your first show?
  •  Will you have your show videotaped, and what are the reasons to do it?
  •  The proper use of the microphone, and lighting.
  •  Do you have the vocal endurance to sing a full hour for one or two shows?
  •  How do you advertise your show and should you print flyers?
  •  How to guarantee an audience.
  •  Where to perform your show. (In New York City there are night clubs for both beginners and star performers.)
  •  How much rehearsal do you need?
  •  Do you need to audition for the club before you can set a date for your show?
  •  The best time of year to schedule your show.
  •  Will you be able to perform your act somewhere else once you have done your show?