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My Teaching Philosophy

Many people would love to learn how to sing but when it actually comes down to taking lessons they don't for many reasons. One of the reasons may be that they are shy to sing in front of a teacher who may be critical, and make them feel uncomfortable. Therefore, when a student first comes to see me I realize it took some courage to actually come here and let themselves be heard. The first time can be intimidating, and that is why I find that an easy relaxed manner by the teacher can make a student feel more at ease and willing to take chances. I feel it is my duty to show them that this is a place where they can let their hair down without feeling embarrassed.

Singing is like studying another language and for some it comes easier then to others. Besides learning how to use their voices, I encourage all of my students to learn as much as they can about the music business. I encourage students to listen to CDs, go to shows, go to the library and read about the shows and the writers. If it is cabaret they are interested in they should go and hear others perform. Take a course in the history of musical theater. By all means learn how to dance. Singers are often required to dance in order to get into a show, so be sure to take the required dancing to be ready to compete with the singers who may have studied dance at a very early age. You must give those who hear you the courage to hire you, and you can do that better if you learn what you must do in order to appear professional. I always insist that singers learn the important steps of the auditioning process. Musical directors and directors can tell by the way you handle your audition, whether you are professional enough and ready.

You must also be realistic about how much you are willing to commit to getting ahead. Remember that serious hard work and study will help you to succeed, and by all means you owe it to yourself to give it your best shot.